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The Importance of Conducting Employee Background Checks

If you are planning to hire a new employee, it is important to conduct proper and legal background checks to verify the information that the applicant has provided to ensure that he or she is the best fit for the position. There are many different types of background checks and various ways to obtain records. However, you are required at all times to abide by the laws that regulate background screening, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The type of background check you opt for will depend on the position you are trying to fill. For example, a minimum wage position will require fewer checks on an applicant, but hiring a driver for your company means that you will need to check driving records. If you are hiring for a position that involves security clearance, you need to conduct a much more thorough background check.

The main categories of background screening include searching criminal records, sex offender records, citizenship and immigration status, DMV records, drug tests, litigation records, credit scores, Social Security traces, education records, and past employment records. Through discussions with previous employers, coworkers, teachers, and/or friends, you can gain helpful insight into an applicant’s personal character, past job performances, and accomplishments. Be sure that your investigations remain lawful and appropriate for filling the position.

The better the evaluation of a candidate, the more likely you are to hire the right person for the job. If you see any red flags on an applicant’s records, such as a history of filing lawsuits or a large amount of inaccurate information, proceed with caution. You want to be confident that the people you hire will be able to add real value to your business.

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